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The Accessible Outdoor Recreation Travel Guide was created specifically for people in the disabilities community, to provide the information you need to plan a fabulous trip before you head outdoors. 

While this guide is by no means an exhaustive list of all the accessible recreation spots in Oregon, it includes popular favorites and hidden gems that came directly from the local community. We crowdsourced six diverse locations from around the state that people in our community love to visit. You’ll get to see their photos, hear their personal stories and experiences from these places, and have detailed accessibility information about each feature highlighted in this guide. We’ve also got information about recreation equipment and adaptive outfitters around the state who can help get you outdoors on guided trips.


This guide was created in partnership between Oregon Spinal Cord Injury ConnectionAdventures Without Limits, and Willamette Partnership. We firmly believe that health and joy are intricately connected to access to nature, that everyone deserves an equitable opportunity to explore and experience the outdoors, and that we achieve better outcomes through partnership and working together.

Download here in english and Spanish.

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