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Summer is the season for the outdoors and camping, and yet people living with spinal cord injury are less likely to go camping and enjoy the great Oregon outdoors because of diverse environmental barriers. Specifically, the majority of Oregon’s camping facilities and outdoor recreation programs are not designed to accommodate people with disabilities.  

Over the last two years, Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection has teamed up with Adventures Without LimitsOregon Health and Outdoor Initiative and Oregon State Parks Department to improve access to State parks and Oregon’s natural spaces. This program has supported inclusive changes in State parks where power wheelchair charging stations have been installed, bathrooms have received inclusive changes, water access, campsites, and trails have all become more accessible. As a result, Oregon State parks are becoming accessible.

Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection’s adaptive camping program is spearheading change, and demonstrating that outdoor enthusiasm is alive and well in the spinal cord injury community!

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