Mother and son, Leah and Miles in a close up selfie, big smiles, miles is holding up a peace sign and Leah is wearing a dark beanie with an orange OAS patch.
Mother and son, Leah and Miles in a selfie on a ski day, both smiling from behindin helmets and ski goggles, Leah has her goggles lifted.



Leah and Miles are a mother-son team of outdoor enthusiasts.  Miles loves to ski, cycle, lake swim, paddle, run, hike, skateboard, and basically move his body in any direction at any time!  

Leah loves all of the same outdoor activities, and loves meeting the challenge of being a mother to Miles!  She is an instructor for Oregon Adaptive Sports, helping to ensure outdoor access for all.  Her previous work was for Central Oregon Disability Support Network, providing support and resources to families whose lives are impacted by disabilities.  Her passions lie in breaking down barriers and challenging preconceptions around disability, allowing space for the value of inclusion of all peoples.